“I love designing sequences, and then constantly improving them.”

For Nancy Norby, a barre teacher for almost three decades, core strength goes far beyond the physical. A solid center — whether in class, at the barre, or in life — is paramount for success in all things. This may be why Nancy’s creation, Yoga Barre, works on so many levels. On the surface, it’s a challenging workout that combines cardio, stretch, and strength training. When held in a heated room, where the temperatures can reach 95 degrees, it’s also a profound and cohesive muscle conditioning class that remains authentic to a variety of disciplines, including ballet, modern dance, cardio, and yoga. Yoga Barre demonstrates that all movement practices, regardless of distinction, share some common ground at their core with the mind-body connection, or the brain’s ability to “speak” to the muscles and create harmony. Peeling back the layers, while also celebrating the differences, is where Nancy thrives.

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